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Quality Control & Laboratory


Optical Emission Spectroscopy ARL-3460

Used for analysis different low-alloyed steel pieces, manganese steels, stainless steels and nickel-based super-alloys, ARL

Optical Emission Spectroscopy HILGER

Used for analysis low-alloyed steel and cast iron pieces, ANALYTICAL HILGER

Metallography Microscope

Equipped with a camera for the analysis of microscope structures of all metals, two IMM-420 machines

Tension, Pressure and Bend Testing Machine

Used for the test of pressure and tension of samples, up to 250 KN, MFL

Impact Testing Machine

Used for the test of impact, 300 J, WOLPERT

Fixed the Hardness

Model: ED II; programmable; INSTRUMATIC

Portable the Hardness

Used for the test of the hardness of iron-based, copper-, Aluminum-, cast iron- and bronze-based metals

Hydrostatic Testing Machine

Used for testing pieces semi-automatically, up to 60 bar pressure; ROTENBERGER

Digital Ultrasonic (UT) Testing Machine

Used for analyzing the type and geometry of internal defect in pieces; Two machines:

  • Model: DIO 1000, STARMANS

MT Testing Machine

Model: DA 4005, with florescent lamp for the analysis of surface defects of pieces, PARKER

Nine-Liter Multiple-Use Heat Treatment Furnace

Capacity of 9 liters; Used for heat treating steels, baking ceramics and glazes, burning laboratory instances and making them into ashes

All kinds of touchable thermocouple; melting and visual touch

All accurate measurement equipment for dimensional control